“Alright, y’all caught me, I was practising for my new rock-n-roll album” : 50 Cent

50 Cent responds to Rick Ross, and how !! You have to agree that 50 has an advantage here. Here are a few excerpts –

“Its funny, He’s so unimportant that I remember seeing Khaled at the BET awards but I don’t remember seeing Rick Ross at all”

“I have decided to eff your life up, for fun, I have a list of n*ggas that’s effed up”

“There is nothing else left for your ass, your completely done, He was talking about a 2 million dollar crew in NY city, he was talking about the N.Y.P.D”

“Now that I know your address , we’ll go there, at your doorstep Ricky and we can make it what it’s supposed to be”
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