50 Cent – Before I Self Destruct (Album Cover & Track List)

So iTunes has the details for the pre-order up and they also give you the track list for 50’s highly anticipated 4th studio album Before I Self Destruct. I think all the features are not listed since that ‘Psycho’ track is supposed to feature Eminem. And I’m sure the last one features R.Kelly so I added his name to it.


Spotted the news at ThisIs50. Hit the jump for the list.

Click to enlarge.

1. The Invitation
2. Then Days Went By
3. Death To My Enemies
4. So Disrespectful
5. Psycho
6. Hold Me Down
7. Crime Wave
8. Stretch
9. Strong Enough
10. Get It Hot
11. Gangsta’s Delight
12. I Got Swag
13. Baby By Me (Feat. Ne-Yo)
14. Do You Think About Me
15. Ok, You’re Right
16. Could’ve Been you (Feat. R.Kelly)

Bonus Tracks
17. Flight 187
18. Baby By Me
19. Man’s World

  • jamie

    nav what apened to norman bates motel

  • jamie

    no eminem? no purchase…not that id by it neway
    no ceilins > bisd

  • Jamie, Norman Bates Motel aint on it. It may turn up on Relapse 2 or totally exchanged in favor of ‘Psycho’. So Em is def on it. As well as R.Kelly. iTunes doesnt list the features accurately.

  • enkore

    aahhhhh.. now im really lookin forward to this!

  • Another thing I can confirm is: Track #4 is produced by Tha Bizness. Sounds exciting..

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  • james

    You’ve heard 10 of the tracks? What’s the verdict?

  • Out of the 19, I’ve heard 4 tracks in full. Could’ve been you leaked as Bishop Lamont’s track earlier so we know the beat. Apart from that, I’ve heard 5 other snippets so I know those beats too.

    The album should be good.

  • Wtf dude, em ft 0n psycho and 50 kild em 0n dat joint. Da 4th trak pr0d by da biznes is 1 0f da best rec0rdz 0n da album, 50 kild game, buck n jay 0n dat 1… Strech is sick, psycho is d0pe, then days went by is a fukn classic, i got swag is d0pe, hold me down is sick, dam 0nly get it hot is a wack trak, da rest is fire, i dnt hav a favrt trak i l0v em al, 50 pr0duced a clasic and its album 0f da year, s0 if u dnt buy it…. A big l0ss 2 u, 50 realy deliverd, i can even g0 as far as sayn dat bisd is beta than massacre, nd 90% close 2 get rich 0r die tryin! Real tawk bisd album 0f da year hands down!

  • 0h ja str0ng enuf is aws0 d0pe l0l, nd da 1st trak is hardc0re ill, dam man’s w0rld is da 0nly trak i havnt heard, nd it didnt leak, bt heard da snippet r0cka bye baby and i can ensure u dat its beta than in da club! Peace, n0v 16 bisd in st0res…