Beanie Sigel & Freeway – Roc Boys (Album Cover & Track List)

Now this is confusing. This popped up yesterday in my email but I wanted to do some research before I put it out for y’all. As you can see, the artwork has 2 old flicks of the duo and the name of the album is suspicious too.


Here’s what XXL reported back in August:

Nemo (the CEO of Sicness Records, who released Beanie’s ‘The Broad Street Bully’ album in September) says that Beans is currently working on a full-length album with his State Property partner-in-rhyme, Freeway. The MC is reportedly in talks with EMI to put out the disc.

You can have a look at the track list after the jump. A few names seem familiar but the others are definitely new including a collabo with DMX.

Freeway’s had a problem in the past with fake & unauthorized album being released without his express authorization. I think this is another one he has to deal with, along with his friend.

Release date: February 23rd, 2010.

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1. Boss
2. Last Two
3. Under Attack
4. Eeerrrlly
5. Serious
6. Word Rite
7. Fresh Ta Def (Feat. Young Chris)
8. May They Rest
9. Cypher (Feat. Wale)
10. Silent Prayer (Feat. DMX)
11. Live In Effect
12. Flatline
13. Don’t Ask

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