Lloyd Banks Talks New Single ‘Beamer, Benz or Bentley’ With Juelz Santana

Lloyd Banks gives some details on his new upcoming single featuring Juelz Santana to MTV:

“I’m just starting back. I’ve been so focused with taking over the street and people hearing me back on that market — so when I come with the official records, they’ll appreciate it more. ‘Beamer, Benz or Bentley,’ It’s a club record, party record, car record. It’s a lot of energy and something new. It’s a sound that ain’t out there right now.”

Let’s go Banko! 3rd album is due this Summer.

  • Hope 2010 will be a big year for Banks. Dudes talent is on another level.

    I find it odd when people say he ain’t blowing up coz of 50. That’s crazy. One of the trophies 50 doesn’t have is breaking a major artist n I’m sure he wants that. Dre has Em, Em has 50, Jay has Ye, Baby has Wayne…

  • Good point..

  • E_M_P_E_R_O_R

    50 Had Game,Buck,Banks…….Now Its Just Banks

    good to see 50 & Banks Tour In Spring, They Didn’t Tour In USA Since The Massacre Tour.

  • james

    50 broke Game & Buck in. There isn’t another way around of it.

    What 50 hasn’t had is someone to blow up and stay loyal (Buck) or him not catch feelings (Game). I imagine if Banks blew up it’d be different.

  • Alex

    Bank$ alreAdy has blown up, wtf r u talkin about