New ‘Independent’ Albums From Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks In The Summer

Talking to MTV about the new Gun Powder Guru mixtape, Yayo also mentioned that he and Banks will be releasing their respective albums in the Summer and they will be put out independently.


“That’s when the albums will come — me and Banks. We gonna drop it independently. We not on Interscope anymore. I feel the stuff I went through on a major was nonsense. You make more money on an independent label.”

I guess those rumors about 50 launching a new independent label are true.

  • E_M_P_E_R_O_R

    So, Banks & Yayo r independent , only 50 cent
    is signing to a major label, good looks
    we gonna have more music from them.

  • G5

    i really dont know how much quality music banks and yayo can out out but dis a gud move i think..

  • james

    It’s hard for me to take them repping independent as being a positive too serious when they shit talked Koch so much but aye it is what it is. As long as Banks releases a solid album.