Kanye West Previews New Album For RollingStone

After Facebook and Twitter, it wasn’t Myspace’s turn for new music from Kanye. He made a surprise visit to RollingStone‘s offices and played a dozen tracks from his laptop which included finished and unfinished songs as well as some snippets.


After gesturing for all the office’s interns to join him and ask questions, West said he’d love to work with Lauryn Hill (“she’s last of a dying breed”) and Thom Yorke, made frequent references to Anchorman, Dodgeball and Semi-Pro, and joked that Twitter was designed with him in mind. “Rock stars just get scared and just run away from popular culture,” he said. “It takes so much for me and Eminem to come back and embrace [it] and say, ‘You know what? We have to deliver this on a major level to make a difference.'”

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