The Hip Hop Chronicle Interview With Elliott Wilson

Sumit over at The HHC interviewed the man in charge of Rapradar Mr. Elliott Wilson. Above is part one of the interview and below is the description. Hit the jump for parts 2 and 3. Congrats to RR on the great run so far.


I caught up with Elliott Wilson recently. After the interview we knocked out last year before RapRadar launched, we thought it would be nice to catch up and see how things have progressed one year on. t’s been a fantastic year for the guys over at the RapRadar mansion and I ask Elliott about his favourite moments of the past year. He speaks on the blogging grind and the fast paced nature of the blog world. I ask him what he has learnt about the blog game that he didn’t before. And finally to end part one, Elliott speaks on crediting sources and I ask him why bloggers are getting too personal.

Part 2: In the second part of my “One Year On” interview with Elliott Wilson, the Editor of RapRadar reveals his favourite artists of the year so far (artists include Drake, Wale, Freddie Gibbs and J.Cole).

Elliott also speaks on why Drake is still the Hip Hop “narrative” with a proven track record for selling records.

The conversation then moves onto what’s next for RapRadar. I ask Elliott to break down the deal with Power 105.1.

The Hip Hop Journalist also reveals that he is in talks with DJ Drama & DJ Green Lantern about doing a mixtape series. So expect Drama & YN to be doing alot of screaming! Lol

Part 3: In the final part of my “One Year On” interview with Elliott Wilson, we speak about the first time he met B.Dot and RapRadar business partner Paul Rosenberg.

Elliott tells the story of a hungry and young Brian Miller who graduated from college and just started working at a cubicle at Harris Publishing.

B.Dot was writing for XXL, Slam & King Magazine at the same time. He then had to choose one publication to work for and he chose XXL.

Elliott also recounts a meeting with the RapRadar Capo in a “secret diner in Queens”, which was the moment he knew he wanted to hire Bdot for the online site.

I then ask Elliott the first time he met Paul Rosenberg. It’s some “memoir shit” (c) Elliott Wilson. A must watch!

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