Drake Says Lil Wayne Appearance In Vegas Was A Surprise To Him

In this MTV News Extended Play segment, Drake tells Sway that he wasn’t expecting Lil Wayne to make an appearance at the Vegas show as everybody had hidden the fact from him.


“He looks like he’s been working out crazy, It was just incredible man to see this man come out and it was like nothing changed. He had the glasses with the tag dangling, he was just fresh to death, no shirt, just thuggin’ it! It was such a real moment. I couldn’t control it, I really did almost jump through the roof, I jumped so high.”

If the video above doesn’t go to the next segment by itself, go here to watch the full interview where he expresses his intention to go in the studio with Wayne soon, his upcoming tour with J. Cole, work on the sophomore album and more. He confirms he’s featured on a record called ‘It’s In The Morning’ on Cole’s upcoming Friday Night Lights mixtape.

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