Lil Kim Talks Nicki Minaj & New Album

Before Lil Kim dropped the latest diss, she responded to Nicki Minaj’s jabs on H8terade Radio a day ago. In her words:


“That was cute for her. Bitches like her do shit like that. Talk on ho, it’s easy talk when them album sales aint back yet.”

“Since you talking ’bout the history books, let’s talk about the fucking History books damn it. Bitch I got a grammy, bitch. I got number ones sweety. Source gave my last album 5 motherfucking mics ho. What the fuck they give you?”

“You got alot to learn mama. Respect the queen, stay in the princess section. Stay in yo lane mama.”

She also talked about her new album Hard Core 2: All Hail The Queen stating that it will be her strongest album yet. Some of the producers involved are, Polo Da Don, The-Dream and The Neptunes.

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  • hustla

    she’s so DUMB.

  • green

    is that kid cudi

  • ^ yup.

  • is that new producer Polo Da Don?

  • Tavon

    The source ain’t had no clout in years and that grammy was for lady marmerlade a collab with missy, mya, pink, and christina talking like you got album of the year or something….I hate when old heads try to hate on the new generation she look so pathetic

  • Team Minaj

    Oh yeah you wana talk magazines RollingStone in its new december issue proclaimed Nicki Minaj the New Queen Of Hip-Hop

  • Lil’Kim that album got 2 be real good let that bitch feel dum

  • kgurlballin

    this shit fake as hell. cant believe how yall can post fake shit

  • yoyoz

    Kim the greatest of all. She the Queen of Rap! There is none higher. When you Queen they can’t take your crown.she taking it to the grave.

  • lil kim u know u the only “Queen B” ain’t no b#!ch out yet that can touch u youare the original don dotta

  • All Hail The Queen Bee!

    Stop Hatin, she did pave the way for the newby!, if it were not for the old heads there would be none of you newbies. Respect the Queen!

  • …….

    I only went here cause the pic of kid CuDi
    What he’s cute