Nottz Reveals Opening Track & Other Producers On Dr. Dre’s ‘Detox’

Nottz did an interview with Conspiracy Worldwide Radio last evening where he dropped some gems about Dr. Dre’s upcoming album Detox. He reveals the opening track on the album and names other guest producers including Jake One and DJ Khalil.


Nottz drops onto the episode to reveal all about his future work with a who’s who of hip hop artists. As the world patiently awaits any glimpse of news regarding one of hip hop’s most anticipated albums, Nottz takes us on an informative journey regarding the creation of Dr Dre’s Detox. We talk track names, track order, featured artists and those producers who are handling production on the soon-to-be released Detox album, including himself, Jake One and DJ Khalil. In addition to revealing that he produces the first track on Detox, featuring The Game and Busta Rhymes, Nottz talks us through hearing the original, now shelved version of Detox, an album Nottz claims was created from literally 100s of finished Dr Dre tracks. Want to know how Detox was made? Well here is your answer.

The audio below has interviews with Pete Rock and MC Eiht as well. Nottz’ segment starts at the 1 hour 42 minute mark.

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