Talib Kweli Speaks On New Album ‘Prisoner Of Consciousness’

GWHH interviewed Talib Kweli at the Shrine in Chicago where they discussed the future of music and his forthcoming album Prisoner Of Consciousness, the follow up to the just released Gutter Rainbows. This is what he says..


“That album is in its infant stages, even though it’s something I’ve been talking about for a long time. There are prisoners of consciousness all over the world. And the idea of me being an artist who’s considered a conscious artist. Sometimes people put me in a metaphorical or symbolic box to whereas my music is not placed on the same pedestal as some of the more mainstream acts. And it feels like sometimes. So with this album, what my goal is is to go deeper into the struggle and maybe even make my most conscious album to date, but to do it in a way where the music is so quality and so good that you could never ever ever front on it – that’s really what my goal is with this album.”

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