Chamillionaire To Release ‘Major Pain 1.5’ On April 18th

Some great news for Chamillionaire fans. A new Playlist Poison track will be released in 5 days with the Major Pain 1.5 mixtape coming out on April 18th as free download. The information is very elaborate so I suggest you head to for all the details regarding the future projects. Below is a personal message from Cham.


“I promised that once I got out my label situation I was gonna give you more material and thats what im gonna do. Almost everyone knows VENOM is not coming out anymore but Major Pain 1.5, Major Pain 2, and THE PLAYLIST POISON ALBUM will. Major Pain 1.5 will be the first release of mixtape material that will lead up to a real PLAYLIST POISON ALBUM release. All the info about THE PLAYLIST POISON ALBUM will be inside Major Pain 1.5 when you get it APRIL 18TH. I’ll release more Playlist Poison tracks leading up to the full album but just know that the album will be A FULL BODY OF NEW PLAYLIST POISON MATERIAL. Nothing but quality all the way through. I know its been a rough road but just know that I’ve had all my REAL fans in mind during every decision that I have made and now we can finally get back on track. Looking forward to the future. Salute.”

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