XXL Freshman 2011 Freestyle: Yelawolf & Diggy Simmons

Following Kendrik Lamar, Yelawolf and Diggy Simmons are up next on the freestyle session. Below is Yela’s reaction to the Freshman cover:


“I feel like I flunked for, like, five years to be here to become a Freshman. It’s dope. I feel like I’m a senior in a freshman class, but I’m honored to be a part of this crew. I just continue to do what I’ve been doing…just making music that makes sense for me and for my crew and doesn’t stop. What got me here is just being me. [The night before the cover shoot], I was in Colorado to do the X Games, so for the past two days, I’ve been going nonstop. Had my show in Aspen last night. We rocked that and finished at 1 a.m., and we drove to Denver and made a connection flight. I’m just hustling. I’m here with no sleep, and that’s the life that I chose. Just happy to be a part of this, man.”

“Being here means a lot. It’s always been something I thought was real cool, as a new artist to be on, and it was something that I wanted to be on this year. When I heard [I made it], I was like, ‘What?’ You know, that’s something I was freaking out over, because I was putting in all this hard work, and to see it, you know, actually see the things come to past my ways, it’s just crazy. There are certain goals that people wanna reach, and being a new artist, I’m sure—well, hip-hop artist—I’m sure being on the Freshmen [cover] is one of them. And that was something that I definitely wanted to do. I mean, being here is crazy.

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