Just Blaze Talks Producing On ‘Detox’

Just Blaze and Saigon along with Soulja Boy were the guests this evening on MTV Rap Fix Live. One of the interesting conversations that Sway had with Just Blaze was based on that mythical album Detox. Just confirms that he has done two tracks on the record, one of which features Game & Snoop Dogg.


“The work on Detox, it’s been a long process, I been going back and forth to L.A. for like eight years. Well, 2002, so it’s been nine years years, actually. I’ve seen the album through different phases. I’ve heard near-complete versions of the album, then he turns around and scratches it and does the same thing two or three times over.

When he first talked about it, people took it as an announcement, and it wasn’t that. It was more so, ‘This is just something that I’m thinking about doing.’ So from there, the word kept spreading and he starting working on it, not necessarily because he wanted to, but because he felt like he had to because it had morphed into an announcement that Dre is working on an album called Detox.”

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