Tech N9ne ‘All 6’s & 7’s’ First Week Sales Projections

Indie giant Tech N9ne’s latest LP All 6’s & 7’s is expected to sell 50-55k copies in the first week at retail which gives it a shot at top 5 on the Billboard 200. It will also become Tech’s biggest opener yet. Commendable, indeed.



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  • Sargewp

    “buzz” is confusing these days… how is the hottest artist In the streets barely outselling an underground artist?……

  • ye

    wowwwwww i dont know what to say lol

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  • impressive

    @sargewp cuz Tech N9ne has been building a steady underground loyal fanbase for a loonngg time, from doin a whole lot of shows since. that’s why he’s the most successful underground artist.

    congrats to him tho, thats impressive as hell

  • @impressive

    agreed. tech took his own route to the big time, but now that hes there, hes not going anywhere AND hes still making his music, not just some shitty imitations of whatever else seems to be selling records