Wale – ‘Bad Girls Club’ (Feat. J. Cole) (Artwork x Snippet)

Courtesy of Amazon, we get to preview Wale’s upcoming single featuring J. Cole for which the video has already been shot. J. Cole’s part on the hook sounds strikingly similar to the one on his own single ‘Work Out‘. That’s surprising. The full single will be digitally released on July 19th but based on the trend, we are likely to hear it before that.


  • higherup

    wowwwww that DOES sound very identical. WTF???

  • cole thinks h gotta sing to be like drake. Fail.

  • FredRico

    @landlord: and since when is Drake a reference in singing? He can’t sing his own choruses live! That’s because he can’t actually sing but thanks to technology he gives a pass from listeners, but to go as far and call out someone (Cole) for trying be like a fake singer… why would Cole do that? To me, he sounds like himself singing, Drake sounds like a robot made to seduce women.

  • FredRico

    *gets a pass