50 Cent x Bruce Willis ‘Set Up’ Movie Trailer

Bruce Willis, Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson and Ryan Phillippe star in the action packed film Set Up which was directed by Mike Gunther. The straight to DVD/Blu-Ray product will be available September 20th in physical & digital stores. Poster after the jump.


  • relly do

    damn nigga another straight-to-dvd for the nigga (STD)

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  • breezy

    lol at “STD”

  • Andrew

    I’ve been hesitant to see Set Up after seeing mediocre and plain bad reviews but I think I’ll go ahead and put this in my rental queue. I mean, why not? With the new Blockbuster Movie Pass if I don’t like it, I can always just take it in for an in-store exchange and the subscription to this service is very affordable. So I’m putting this in my queue. Especially when you look at everything you get: dvd’s blu-rays and video games by mail, instant streaming, and 20 movie channels, it is certainly a good deal. And to make it even better, as a DISH Network employee I love telling new customers they can get Blockbuster free for a full 12 months.