Jay-Z ‘2012 Chrysler 300’ Commercial

The brand new 2012 Chrysler 300 commercial doesn’t feature Jay-Z in person but it did manage to license his song ‘Heart Of A City (Ain’t No Love)’ off his classic The Blueprint album. The car has an 8 speed transmission and 31MPG efficiency.

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  • Ye

    What happened to his chrysler jeep tho? didnt hear about it after those rumors.

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  • swagggggg…my fav joint off blueprint..

  • God MC

    Hot song and still goes hard in concert. On another note – Did Hov see this b4 he gave the greenlight? They’re showing every EXCEPT NYC and even flashed 8 Mile Road SMH. Especially should’ve showed Brooklyn Bridge at least since they’re using his song. EPICFAIL

  • JustPassingThrough

    For the record the song is a Bobby Blue Bland song not Jay Z. Like everyone else in the rap game Jay Z sampled it too. We need to pay homage to the original artist not the samplers.

  • Stop hating on sampling

    Great commercial. And sampling does pay homage to the original artists. It opens the door for newer audiences to discover music they may not have otherwise. People gotta stop ripping stuff all the time and just give props for a well put together commercial.

  • Jayzsocool2011

    Sampling might minutely help out, but overall it doesn’t. Someone hears the Katz song and ten they say some stupid crap like ‘swaaagggg’ and that song is ‘so ill!’ and they never go beyond and find the original. Thankfully there’s still a chance since other mediums, like te ‘Lincoln lawyer’ movie that show the original as it was before it gets wrecked and ‘screwed n chopped’ and whatever other lame terms people throw around.

  • Nick l

    Great hip hop instrumental track by cool Jay-z used for the ad, but the real and true legend is the original Artist by the name of Bobby Blue Bland “Ain’t no love in the heart of the city”. Peace and respect to legend Bobby Blue Bland.

    Nick l

  • The Big K

    Tired of hip hop acts sampling grooves from someone else. Write something original! Here’s the REAL DEAL right here… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2vCAqdFx1s

  • eddie d

    I’m not against sampling as long as the original artist is given his props. In wiki they cite Bobby Bland as the original artist. This website doesn’t. although I like some music that uses sampling I have more respect for artists that come up with original music.