50 Cent Appreciates Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter III’; Finds ‘Tha Carter IV’ Sales Suspect

Continuing his conversation with Global Grind, 50 Cent comments on Lil Wayne’s close to a million Tha Carter IV sales for the first time. He isn’t talking rocket science since a lot of commoners questioned the huge sales keeping in mind the quality of the actual album.

“To be honest with you, the Lil Wayne sales are a little suspect to me. Because it was trending 600,000 pieces that week. And they didn’t do a million copies, it was like 900,000.”

When Global Grind mentioned Tha Carter III which did a milli in the 1st week back in 2008, 50 gave credit to Wayne:

“Tha Carter III was definitely hot. He did that. Tha Carter III commanded that energy, but the last one that just came out, those numbers are funny.”

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  • hahahahaha


    50 Cent <<<<<<<<<<

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  • hustla

    Fiddy kept it real tho. C 4 was BEYOND terrible

  • G5

    um a Wayne fan but i gotta keep in 100

    c4 was really bad..the struggle. even i was shocked when i saw those nos. 50 prolly jealous but he aint lyin

  • Ha, he talkin real!

  • triedge

    50 jealous on the sales part. But ye the album was horrible.

  • aaron

    this nigga really dick ridin wayne huh? smh damn

  • derrick

    wtf is he talking about/ wayne got to have one of if not the biggest fanbase in hip hop. so how is is “suspect” ? smh this nigga just tryna ride wayne wave for attention dawg

  • im_ill

    jealousy is a bitch aint it

  • phil

    wayne got pop fame not hip hop fame. meaning that nigga got fans thats dedicated as hell so it should be a surprise when his shit sells like crazy ..im surprised it didnt hit a million on the dot

  • drew_77


  • robb

    it dont matter if c4 wasnt as good as c4 lyrically. he talkin about the numbers and if it’s so “suspect” then why it didnt hit a million on the mark first week? come on man stop tryna knock a nigga

  • nolan

    lmfaoooooooo @drew_77 REAL SHIT

  • rico

    he need to be worrid about yayo, banks and the rest of them rap niggas he got on that graveyard he call a label. worry about they #’s

  • chris

    600,000 to 900,000 is NOT a big jufr a aretist like lil wayne. thats not hard to do. he like the most popular nigga in hip hop son wtf is dude talking bout?

  • chris

    typo ** jump for a artist**

  • asley

    somebody wants attentionnnnnn..must have a cd dropping soon haha

  • tarell

    how much is tony yayo selling fif?
    how much is llyod banks selling fif?
    how much did yo last album sell fif?
    come on dude worry about yo own first..envy is not a god shade on you kid

  • ovoxo

    lmao @drew77 and thats the same thang i said @tarell smh

  • bobby ray

    wayne fans had been waiting on c4 ever since c3 dropped he kinda left them dry for awhile he dropped rebirth and i am not a humanbeing but that was a rock like album and a ep they just trew together. then he went to jail for 8 months so dud had madddd anticipation around c4. thats why his shit did mjaor munbers. 50 talking out his ass on this right here

  • wtf

    baby braids and a suit? 0_______o im done


    why has he been on wayne dick so muh lately? i noticed that about him. for that mixtape of his? , he about to drop a album and need attention? , or is it cause ross sick right nah?

  • patrick

    50 is one envious nigga bro

  • jose

    if (TRYNA) say wayne lied about his sells . he stupid cause why not lie a say that bitch did a million plus? smh i think he mad cause after all the shit people tried to talk when c4 eaked his fans still went supported his shit like crazy and 50 fans cant do that.

  • kellyy

    smh at curtis ..find another nigga wave to surf fif .

  • los_504

    why does he even care though?

  • To anyone who is in the know, the numbers are suspect. Wayne didn’t have any buzz for that album, nor it’s singles. The net wasn’t buzzing about it, and if the nets not buzzing…that means people aren’t buying it.

  • 50 U$RAP

    50 be$t Rapper alivie. 50 really nigga

  • shahin

    50 be$t Rapper alivie. 50 really nigga

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