50 Cent ‘The Big 10’ Special On Shade 45 (Talks Paris, Reveals New SK Mixtape & More)

50 Cent was on DJ Whoo Kid’s show on Shade 45 for a The Big 10 special. He spoke on all relevant topics relating to himself and played songs from the mixtape. Full interview with breakdown below.


00:00 Talks about concept of a mixtape and how he started
03:30 Speaks on his new artist Paris
05:20 Talks ‘Wait Til Tonight’ and appreciates Scoop Deville’s production.
07:30 Explains Feeding America partnership with SMS by 50 headphones
14:00 Talks meeting Banks & Yayo in early times, recording in basements, Smack DVDs etc.
17:30 Talks Lil Wayne, sales competition with Kanye on Curtis vs. Graduation
19:20 Says the SMS by 50 earbuds will be out in early 2012, upcoming products including a special headset for DJs.
28:00 Talks ‘Ni**as be Schemin’ with Kidd Kidd and reveals it was recorded in New Orleans
29:10 50 says he spoke to Birdman recently but doesn’t reveal any details on the conversation
32:00 Explains difference between G-Unit and G-Note
34:40 Reveals that there’s a Street King mixtape on the way
36:10 He recorded & compiled The Big 10 in about 4 days
37:15 Says he wants to release the album top of 2012 but it will depend on the label’s readiness
39:00 Talks Dr. Dre and his “new artist” talking something
41:00 Comments on ‘Watch The Throne’

Props to DHH

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UPDATE: Now with video featuring all highlights.

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