B.o.B Recording Rock Album

Another rapper is going in the Rock direction. If you’re into Bobby Ray’s music, you know his love for rock music and how multi talented he is. Speaking with HipHopDX, B.o.B reveals that he has already started recording his third album which will have a rock feel. He has also touched upon the joint album with T.I. The Man & The Martian saying it will release after Tip’s solo album Trouble Man.


Read below.

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DX: Should fans anticipate a Rock album next?

B.o.B.: It’s already hatched and semi recorded.

DX: Who are you looking forward to working with on the Rock album? Do you have a dream list?

B.o.B.: For me it could be a new artist or someone who has been out for years. But for For people who like “strange clouds,” metaphorically speaking, check out James Blake. Catch a cloud and pop that in.

DX: So you will be dropping your first rock album and a collaborative album with T.I. too?

B.o.B.: We are working on the Man and the Martian project. It’s a project on the horizon. We are trying to get our solo projects out first. We already have songs recorded for it. It’s on the agenda of things to do.

DX: Will it be a true collaboration in the vein of Watch the Throne? Or a two disc concept like Speakerboxx/The Love Below?

B.o.B.: I think it will just be a natural occurrence. We just gonna get in the studio and take one song at a time.

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