DJ Drama Shares Details On ‘The Lost Tape’ With 50 Cent

DJ Drama has opened up on the highly anticipated Gangsta Grillz mixtape The Lost Tape with 50 Cent. 50 Cent made the surprise announcement a few weeks ago which certainly got the fans excited. Drama tells The Boombox that he jokingly mentioned about the partnership to 50 at SXSW but he was ready to go ahead with it immediately.


“We ran into each other at my party out there. I think I said a joke to him real quick about [doing a Gangsta Grillz tape], like, ‘You playing…,’ because a while ago we were supposed to be doing a G-Unit tape that never happened and we’ve been discussing some things. I was with his man Rene from G-Unit, went backstage after the show and mentioned it to him. But after that we never really spoke.”

The next morning, Drama says he woke up to a barrage of phone calls and text messages. “People were calling, saying 50 went on Twitter and said he ’bout to drop the tape,” he reveals. “So I was like, ‘Cool. It’s real.’ It’s good, because him doing that created a lot of anticipation and excitement and I’m looking forward to it.”

Drama says this is the right timing and he’s excited about releasing 50’s first Gangsta Grillz tape.

“It’s just about the right timing and making it happen,” Drama shares. “I was a fan of 50 and an employee of Shade 45; we were definitely in the family but I guess now is the time.For me, it’s a lot on the line,” Drama states. “I think because it’s a Gangsta Grillz [mixtape], because it’s 50’s first, because of what 50 means to mixtapes and because of what I mean to mixtapes. There’s a lot… of ears. A lot of opinions. So I like the challenge, I’m excited for it, and I’m glad it’s getting the attention it’s getting because I’d like to be in the space where n—-s ride to this 50, how they’re supposed to ride to 50.”

The mixtape is expected to be released late April or May and will have 12 songs on it.

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