Man Shot At Young Jeezy Concert In London, Canada; Makes It 2 Nights In A Row

Bad luck continues for Jeezy. Just one night after a man was shot at three times at his concert in Toronto resulting in shutting of the club, another similar happening took place last night at the London Music Hall in London, Ontario. Agencies report that shots rang out at about 11.30 pm and soon after that, Police reported to the scene.


Sgt Basra said this in a statement:

“we responded to a report of a shooting inside the Music Hall. We have shut the area down — right now it’s a crime scene. Investigations are still ongoing. I have very little information on what’s gone on inside other than that there’s been a shooting and we have a person who has been taken to hospital.”

The occurrence was confirmed by several concert goers. Be safe out there people.

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