50 Cent – ‘New Day’ (Feat. Dr. Dre & Alicia Keys)

After dropping the snippet on his iPhone app, Fif took his new big time single to Hot 97 today. DJ Enuff premiered the highly awaited track featuring Alicia Keys and Dr. Dre. I think Fif has something here as this is the best record from him I’ve heard in a long time. Street King Immortal is looking dope already. Clean version for now.

Update: Dirty stream after the jump. Should drop on iTunes soon. Produced by Dr. Dre, mixed by Eminem.



  • MOD

    Fire Fire Fire

  • carlukio50cent


  • triedge

    Best 50 cent single i’ve heard in a long long time

  • this is fireee, Fif is goin back on-top #New Day is dope Can we get the iTunes link, can wait GGG-Unit 4Ever

  • dopeassnigga

    iTunes link @2_RiNgZzZz

  • dopeassnigga

    iTunes link @2_RiNgZzZz on Twitter

  • boss

    this is garbage. dre stick to producing

  • higherup

    aww man this is a hit!

  • word

    I kindda liked 5 but i was worried what he gonna release as singles.. gotta admit this sounds like a hit. really liking this….

  • Adam Sin

    Great song, but that has little to do with 50 cent. It’s the beat and Alicia Keys that are fire. Eminem would’ve made a monster hit out of this.

  • carlukio50cent

    50 killed this shit, stop saying bullshit

  • bruce wayne

    Produced by SWIZZ BEATZ not Dre…

  • @Adam Sin: “but that has little to do with 50 cent”
    It’s 50’s song, so what are you talkin’ about?

    “It’s the beat and Alicia Keys that are fire.”

    “It’s NOT about lyrics anymore. It’s about a hot beat… and a catchy hook.” ~ Eminem

  • Themaster


  • QuickJohnSilver

    The records what we’ve been wanting from fif, Alicia’s chrous makes this song a hit though. If you listen to both Alicia’s version and this closely you can hear the beat is very different during the verses.

  • Adam Sin

    @Doom: “It’s 50′s song, so what are you talkin’ about?”
    Being 50’s song doesn’t mean he’s the reason why the song is good. See Khaled, for example. All of his albums and songs are Khaled’s, but I bet you’ve never liked a single one of them because of him. Chances are you dislike them a bit because of his yelling.
    Here, 50’s input was weak. His flow and lyrics are lazy and don’t fit the motivational and uplifting tone of the beat and chorus.

    “It’s NOT about lyrics anymore. It’s about a hot beat… and a catchy hook.” ~ Eminem

    That’s precisely my point: the beat and the hook made the song.
    But saying they can make a song doesn’t mean you can’t add to it by delivering good verses.
    I wish this had gone to Slaughterhouse, they could’ve made it powerful with their lyrics.

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  • Tajee

    I was afraid that it was Alicia’s beat 50 was rapping over. I don’t get it: Alicia dropped this several weeks ago, I am already tired of listening to the beat. When Alicia’s record was released, it was said that it was Swizz Beatz’ beat, not Dre’s…

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  • Cavz100

    The beat and A.Keys were stunning…….her melody was so soulful and pure,50 verses for once were tlkn about present stuff and not the old stories from the streets were he resides no more.Dre an 50 were avg here.

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