DJ Whoo Kid Interviews Kendrick Lamar; Talks Next Single, Respect For 50 Cent, His Accent & More

Kendrick Lamar paid a visit to DJ Whoo Kid and Nima Yamini’s Avenue A Soundcheck show a little while earlier for a good 22 minute interview. K. Dot talked about making of ‘The Recipe’ with Dr. Dre, cover of XXL with the doctor, his next single and much more.


Kendrick dropped hints about his follow up single to ‘Swimming Pools (Drank)’ saying it’s going to be either the Lady Gaga featured track or some other collaboration. He also pays respect to 50 Cent by saying he enjoys talking to him the most. Although Whoo Kid mentions that they have already recorded together, K. Dot interestingly denies it. Whoo Kid then grills him on his non-Cali sounding accent, way of dressing and more.

UPDATE: Now with video.



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