Exclusive: DJ Whoo Kid Talks New Ventures, ‘Street King Immortal’, 50 Cent-Lloyd Banks Tension & More


Tell us exactly what your relationship with 50 is like. Haven’t you been fired like a number of times now? (laughs)

DJ Whoo Kid: Man it’s been the same ever since we started. We can be cool every day, but if I get him mad, he gets mad. He’s a normal human being. If I f**k up, he’s a perfectionist, you what I’m saying. Like on stage, sometimes I tell him ‘yo I’m not a robot’ and sometimes humans f**k up, but he don’t wanna hear that shit. Thats like the only time we have any kind of friction, is on stage. Besides that, it’s like brothers man. I’ve been with him for almost 12 years. Get Rich Or Die Tryin album is going 10 year anniversary in February. The fact that you can prove it’s brotherly love, is like you can fire somebody 100 times, but where am I gonna go. He can find another DJ all he wants, but it’s kinda hard to find a DJ that he could know from a 10 year experience. You gotta know the person, you gotta know when they f**ks up, you gotta know the music, not even the music alone. It’s not just press and play. A lot of people think it’s just pressing buttons and then 50 cent is on stage. There’s a lot of technical shit, even watching him and bringing the volumes up and down. It takes years to even know someone to understand them.

Even when he f**ks up, I can fix the shit. So you can hire a new DJ, I don’t mind getting fired, because I know I always return (laughs). I got fired damn near 20 times in my career but yeah we’re like the coolest. I talk to him about my family, he talks to me about his, everything is cool, we’re brothers. I ain’t going nowhere, I don’t care who the f**k it is. I’m always gonna be his DJ, even if he fires me. I don’t give a f**k. I told him — if he fires me, I’m not gonna be a DJ for anyone else. Like I’m not DJing for an artist ever again. Anybody can hire me, I don’t give a f**k, I’m just gonna be like a tour DJ. I tour every weekend, you know, the promoter can abuse the situation like ‘oh 50 Cent’s DJ’ but then in some countries ‘oh DJ Whoo Kid coming to town’. Well, that it depends on who the d**khead promoter is. But I told him (50) I’m never ever gonna DJ for any other artist for the rest of my life. I ain’t wanna deal with this shit. I’m not gonna be the 45 year old f**kin DJ on a wheelchair in the back (laughs). That’s why I’m still there, because there’s no one that can take over that spot. Even that show The Voice, you said that shit was incredible. It may look simple but it’s really knowing him, understanding he’s on stage, watching him, it’s not that simple. If you don’t have the relationship with the artist, you’re not gonna be the DJ that he needs.

Like Whoo Kid is always gonna be there. I’m always gonna be there for him and I’m not gonna DJ for nobody else. Simple as that!

You guys put on a crazy show.

DJ Whoo Kid: Come on man, a 2 hour show at that. It’s not like it’s a f***ing 20 min show. I’’s 2 hours of painstakingly understanding how each song goes to the next, gun shots, fade outs and all of that. It’s not just pressing a button. DJs watch me on stage DJing and say ‘I don’t think I can do this shit’. Not only that, he’s done beat up all the other DJs that have tried to be his DJ. They f**k his show up, he chases them, they leave the town (laughs). It don’t matter, it’s not that easy. I would love to see somebody press buttons, so they say, for f***in’ 2 hours, let’s not add the extra 30 min that he’s on stage after the 2 hours with the random songs because he wants to keep going. I’m talking about after the concert — he’ll do a two hour show, then an extra 30 min of all his classic hits, extra freestyle songs. It ends up being more like 2.5 hours. If you can’t read his mind, if you can’t understand what the f**k is gonna happen next, he’ll turn on you. He’ll be like a Pitbull (laughs). You ever not fed a Pitbull before? I’ve learned from the past 8-10 years how to compress the fear. I don’t even give a f**k about the 80,000 in front of me, the 30,000, I don’t give a f**k about them. I’m more worried about him not getting his look, because he is a perfectionist, point blank period.

Wow. Have you heard 50’s ‘Street King Immortal’ album? How does it sound like?

DJ Whoo Kid: Yo man, incredible man! He played it for us the other day when we were rehearsing for The Voice. Unbelievable. We had to rehearse the ‘My Life’ record and I was like ‘yo, I haven’t heard the whole version with Em (Eminem), can you play the whole version.’ He played that and I was going crazy, I’m like we gonna perform this? Get the f**k outta here! Then he’s like ‘yo , lemme play some other joints for you and I was just bugging out on them. He’s got some other artists on the album and he has them out of their element too. So every artist you see out there doing the norm like they usually do? He made all of them come into the zone 50’s in. Something like ‘this is the beat, this is what you gotta do, and you can’t be like the same 101 of what you do every day because I want this to be different.’ And then they all adjusted and it sounds incredible. It’s definitely gonna be like greedy, grimey like Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ but on the next level. Yo, I was so amped son. I’m about to be gone again. I told my wife “f*******ck you”, I’m not coming back home again. When I told my baby moms back in the day when we first toured for Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, I told her to go f**k herself, I ain’t seen her for like 6 years. I ain’t even know where my kid was. I came back and my kid was like another human yo (laughs). And now I’m about to go tell her to f**k herself again. We’re about to be outta here, that’s if I don’t get fired again! And then the reaction from The Voice? Damn! And we got more shows coming up, it’s already a good look man.

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