J. Cole Explains ‘Miss America’ Single; Reveals Plans For Short Film & Possible Album Push Back

J. Cole received two American Music Award nominations last night, including “New Artist of the Year” but failed to win any. That doesn’t take away the solid debut he had last year. On the red carpet, he chatted with Billboard to talk about his latest single ‘Miss America‘ and explained why he chose to go with an unconventional sound.


J. Cole also reveals shooting of a short film in December and that the sophomore album Born Sinner may not drop on January 28th, his birthday. Ahh sh*t.

“We have like a responsibility and a certain power that comes with making the music and playing the music. And that comes with a responsibility to keep things fresh and not to fall into the mode of what’s traditional. I have singles that fall into that, but if I can use my power in some kind of way I’m gonna try to use it to shift culture just a little bit. And to me “Miss America” shifts things a little bit, it changes the conversation it takes it in a more aggressive direction, more raw, more social commentary. Any type of commentary is good compared to what a normal single is these days. That’s my aim is to shift culture slightly, change the conversation….nobody expects that for your first single.”

Watch the interview below.

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