The Game Reacts To 50 Cent’s Shots On ‘My Life’

The Game was on Power 106 LA and spoke to Big Boy about 50 Cent’s shots at the former G-Unit signee on his latest single ‘My Life‘. Jayceon claims he will strike back if he feels like and compares 50 to a “zombie”.

  • jamie


  • nyc2death

    NIgga will release a diss record in a few days since jesus piece is droppin on 12/11

  • P90

    Lol Game don’t even care, he shouldn’t. 50 didn’t write the records it’s been proven, he wrote hooks for songs made before he entered the studio. Wayne done hooks for Drake you don’t here about it, Ross does hooks for Meek you don’t hear about it. 50 acts like Game owes him his life when it was Dre who signed him

  • dude its not bout dre signing him, game got a chance to be with 50 who is was the hottest out at that time, so 50 givin him those hit records made the game basically, if 50 put that on massacre it wuda been the best album ever, highest selling album ever too, so stfu

  • @P90: “when it was Dre who signed him.”

    Uhm, Game was almost dropped from the Aftermath back in 2003(!!) cause he wasn’t able to write a correct single for his debut album, then 50 came and signed him to G-Unit Records so he basically saved him.
    Ask Knoc Turn’al, Hittman, Joe Beast etc.

  • yeah some ppl just dont know shit bout the music bizz and think its just about bein lyrical, game might be more lyrical than 50 but 50 wrote hits and just showed us he made another hit in 2012, game aint had a hit since ages

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