VH1’s ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ Season 3 (Trailer)

VH1 releases an extended 4 minute trailer of what we can expect in the new season of the popular show ‘Love & Hip-Hop.’ As expected, Joe Budden shows up frequently and seems to be involved in plenty of drama. January 7th is the first day it will run on television.

  • Rhea

    I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a premiere. This trailer is the perfect glimpse into the new season; it will be nice to see what the new cast members bring to the table and I hope we get to see more of Yandy’s adorable little baby. I was talking to my co-worker at DISH about the new season and we are both going to miss the premiere. I decided to DVR the new season but I always forget to set weekly timers. This time around I’m going to record the season on my DISH Hopper it will be nice not having to remember weekly timers and with other 2,000 hours of recording space I can record this show and my other favorite shows that air the same night; this will come in handy when the insane season begins.