T.I. Looking To Sign $75 Million Record Deal

tip tiny
TMZ is reporting that the Kang of the South is seeking a new record deal worth $75 Million. There are no takers at the current moment, but Tip is looking for buyers. His 10 year deal with Atlantic Records has recently expired, shortly after his new album Trouble Man debuted at number two on the charts. It’s rumored that he’s already met with Dr. Dre for Interscope and Jay-Z for Roc Nation about signing a new deal. Also, Sony has apparently offered Tip $50 Million. Here’s what Tip is looking to get out of his deal:

– 3 albums
– 10-20 percent of publishing, touring, merchandise, film and TV rights
– Corporate endorsement deals
– Exclusive signing of all Grand Hustle artists

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  • dolce

    3 albums will sell about 300k a piece … record label will get about 4-5 mil afta everyone get paid.
    you figure another 3 movies at 10-20% record label
    get about 100k.
    as far as grand hustle… no one from grand hustle ever really suceeded expectations
    as far as corporate deals go, alot of people dont want invest in tip because hes a risk(in and out of jail)
    so as far as a bussiness perspective i think companies gunna take a loss, so tip should jump on that sony deal asap wit a smile on his face cuz he aint worth more than 20mil to me

  • Nova

    lol @dolce but GOT DAMN!!

  • I wish that man the best and much success.