The Roots Reveal Title Of 13th Album

questlove dj

In November, ?uestlove informed us that his band The Roots were in the studio working on their 13th album. Today, Ahmir tells Billboard that the title of the album is & Then You Shoot Your Cousin which can be expected end of this year or top of 2014.


The Grammy award winning band is also working on a joint album with the legendary singer-songwriter Elvis Costello for which about 20 songs have already been recoded. This is scheduled to release sometime this year.

“We had 13 or 14 songs, but then we said, ‘Ooh! Wait a minute! Let’s replace four of these songs with four better songs! And now we have the tightest 12-14 song collection out of about 20 songs that we made.”

Spotted at Complex

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