Lil Wayne Gets Into Fight With Cameraman At Celebrity Beach Bowl (Photos & Video)

lil wayne fight (4)

Don’t mess with Weezy! Yesterday, Lil Wayne took part in DirecTV’s 7th Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl during Super Bowl weekend at the DTV SuperFan Stadium in New Orleans and got into an argument with a cameraman. The reason is known but there’s a video after the jump where he can be heard saying “look at me when you apologize” to him.

lil wayne fight (1)

lil wayne fight (2)

lil wayne fight (3)

lil wayne fight (4)

lil wayne fight (5)

lil wayne fight (6)

lil wayne fight (7)

lil wayne fight (8)

lil wayne fight (9)

lil wayne fight (10)

lil wayne fight (11)

lil wayne fight (12)

Spotted at LWHQ

  • NoSmoking

    lil wayne lost all cred since he kissed birdman

  • Ye

    damn he looks HEATED lol

  • Deon

    …lookin like a mad monkey!he was scard to fight …..boyz no gan
    gster!highline lil wayne caught………about to fight!

  • no smoking is a bitch and a coward

    smokin weed is good and its 2013 and your dumbASS still THINKING wayne kissed birdman ur pathetic @NO SMOKING

  • malarky

    In a recent interview, Baby, who calls Wayne his son, discusses/justifies the kiss. “That’s my son, ya heard me,” he explains. “If he was right here, I’d kiss him again. I kiss my daughter, my other son, I mean, you have children? Well, if you did you’d understand what I meant with it. I just think people took that too far man. That’s my son. I’ll do it again tomorrow, I’ll kill for him. Ride and die for him.”

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  • Albertha Fam

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  • real nigga

    niggaz u talking shit kiss my ass all ya dickheads