Lil Wayne Speaks On Tussle With Cameraman: “F*** You”

Lil Wayne got into a sort of fight with a cameraman yesterday at DirecTV’s 7th Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl in New Orleans. Now, here’s a video of Weezy addressing the tussle. He says he doesn’t like to be touched, plays the racist card and then says “F*** You”. It’s just Lil Wayne being Lil Wayne.

  • ChiTown Titan

    Just lil wayne being lil wayne, and not just a grown man standing up for himself when being disrespected huh? This 50 Cent cock gobbling ass NavJosh blogger is the absolute worst. I hope you cry tears of despair and sorrow whenever 50 finally gets a release and flops…it’s disgusting the favorites game you play

  • ^ Lmao.

    My comment wasn’t supposed to be a shade which shows how sensitive you are.

  • “just Lil Wayne being Lil Wayne” is a diss now?

    hahaha @ChiTown Titan youre prolly a weezy dickrider which made u so sensitive lol