Swizz Beatz Joins Monster As Investor & Board Member

swizz beatz monster

Swizz Beatz has announced that he has become an equity investor and is also a board member of San Francisco based Monster Inc. The headphones and audio gear company split from Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s Beats Electronics at end of 2012 when Beats decided to manufacture, design and market their line on their own. Monster unveiled some of the endorsers at the CES in January which included singer/drummer Sheila E, actor Nick Cannon, rapper Xzibit and boxer Sugar Ray Leonard.


Says Monster’s chief executive Noel Lee:

“Swizz will advise us on our creative direction, product design and our marketing. We’ll be looking to him to tell us what’s next. He’s the real deal. He doesn’t get involved in something unless he believes in it.”


“Monster has always been a go-to name for music electronics as well as a big part of music culture. The company has literally been changing the way people listen to music for over 30 years. They built an empire, and my job will be to push the envelope–turn the lights of the castle up really bright and help Monster take its next big step forward.”

Via Vibe & Billboard

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