Crooked I On Next Slaughterhouse Album: “This time we’re coming for blood”

crooked i 2013

Joe Budden already warned us last month when he told Sway that the next Slaughterhouse album is “coming in 6 months”. Now Crooked I confirms to All Hip Hop that they will soon begin recording the second album on Shady Records. He also thinks that their first one (and 2nd studio album) Welcome To: Our House was slept on.


“We went to Australia, it was a beautiful country, that was my first time there, it was gorgeous dog, just the country was impressive, the energy in the crowd was just bananas. We probably gonna start on the next album in a month or two, you know what I mean, and this time we’re coming for blood man. I’m speaking for Crooked I and I’m not speaking for the group, but I think that ni**as kind of light weight went to sleep on the last album. When they did the hottest MC’s list and best song of 2012 I didn’t really see Slaughterhouse on that list man. We rap our heart out man so for this next album, I’m coming out with that butcher knife.”

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