Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge – 12 Reasons To Die (Album Cover & Track List)

Whatever we have heard so far from Ghostface’s collaborative album 12 Reasons To Die with producer Adrian Younge has been on point so far. The album will be available on April 16th in a variety of formats followed the the comic book on May 29th. All 12 tracks on the album are produced by Adrian Younge.


The limited edition collector’s pack included a Vinyl LP, the Deluxe 2 CD set, the Cassette (an alternate version of the album produced by Apollo Brown), Issue #1 of the Twelve Reasons To Die Comic, Album Poster and a Ghostface Killah T-Shirt. Head to their website for pre-order info. First look at the track list after the break.

01. Beware Of The Stare
02. Rise Of The Black Suits
03. I Declare War
04. Blood On The Cobblestones
05. The Center Of Attraction
06. Enemies All Around Me
07. An Unexpected Call (The Set Up)
08. The Rise Of The Ghostface Killah
09. The Catastrophe
10. Murder Spree
11. The Sure Shot (Parts One & Two)
12. 12 Reasons To Die

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