Lil Wayne ‘I Am Not A Human Being II’ First Week Sales Projections

Some people are panning it and others are loving it but how is Lil Wayne’s latest album I Am Not A Human Being II projected to do on the sales front?


HDD reports that Weezy’s 10th studio album is set to sell only 190-210k copies in the first week at retail which will earn him second position on next week’s chart, behind Justin Timberlake. This is five times less in comparison to his last LP Tha Carter IV which moved 964k in the first week. If you missed it, you can read the full production credits for the album here.

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  • iknow


  • riz

    Birdman forgot to run to store n buy 300k copies, like he usually do

  • Carlos

    This ain’t a surprise though. Its decent numbers. Tha Carter series are the only wayne albums that have super large numbers.

  • unbelievble…

  • Dre

    I’m a huge wayne fan I usually buy 4 copies of his album.
    I’m HIGHLY disappointed in his production on this album.
    Some of the beats were awful, he’s not even telling a story like all his other albums.
    This album seems like an artist leaving his company and just out something out

  • hip hop review

    but still all that promo they did the Miami heat case the near death situation that turned out to be fake the multiple seizures the dedication 4 to lead in and those 3 hot singles r.a.f, no worries, and love me these are terrible first week numbers not to mention that he is lil Wayne regardless of this is a Carter album or not this is terrible he should never do this bad he should never sell like a artist debut album these are almost Kendrick numbers and this is Wayne’ 10th album he is a major mainstream artist

  • hip hop review

    dre when has Wayne ever just really been a story telling rapper he is not Kendrick Lamar

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