Ghostface Killah – 12 Reasons To Die: The Brown Tape (Album Stream)

ghostface killah brown tape

The alternate version of Ghostface Killah’s new album 12 Reasons To Die, produced by Apollo Brown called “The Brown Tape” was originally released on cassette only as a Record Store Day exclusive. But due to the incredible response to the single releases, the album is now being released in all formats. You can stream the album below or purchase it here. It will be available in physical format on June 11th.


1. Beware of the Stare 02:31
2. Rise of the Black Suits 02:33
3. I Declare War 03:11
4. Blood on the Cobblestones 03:35
5. The Center of Attraction 02:47
6. Enemies All Around Me 02:10
7. An Unexpected Call 02:12
8. Rise of the Ghostface Killah 03:24
9. Revenge is Sweet 03:15
10. Murder Spree 03:53
11. The Sure Shot [parts 1 and 2]

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