Kirko Bangz ‘XXL Freshman’ Freestyle

H-Town’s Kirko Bangz is today’s choice of XXL Freshman and up top is his freestyle.


I started rapping about stuff that I was going through, know what I’m saying, my life, my mom, my siblings, growing up and wanting to get out of that type of lifestyle and make a better way for my people. That’s really why I started spitting about my life story and stuff like that when I was younger. It was like my own little diary. When I started, I always wanted to make it, but I didn’t envision it until I probably got to college and realized, I really can make this happen. I never envisioned myself singing or anything like that. I was straight hip-hop, rapping about what I was seeing, rapping about my life, stuff like that. Slowly but surely, it just changed. I started growing, like, I can do this, and do that, and do this, and things started getting better for me and I just stayed with it.

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