Trinidad James ‘XXL Freshman’ Freestyle

Here’s Trinidad James freestyling for XXL Freshmen series. Say what you want but he’s made sure he hasn’t faded away after one hit. He knows how to keep himself active.


Being a Freshman, it’s definitely an experience. It’s dope, or whatever. It’s another obstacle in life that I’m conquering. So it’s cool. I definitely couldn’t have predicted it. But I did say last year—when I started doing music and the way it started to get responses—that I really wanted to be on this cover because I felt like I was a true freshman. I think the later part of the year last year I was like, ‘I just wanna be on this Freshman cover.’ I felt like I was doing the right things and I had all the right criteria to be a Freshman when it comes to music. Really, I’m just a big fan of music. I love music, and I just felt like I had my own message to relay to people. So I decided to go for it, and now I’m here.

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