Papoose Makes Surprise Appearance At Summer Jam; Rosenberg Reveals How He Got On Stage

One of the most surprising moments at last night’s Summer Jam concert was Papoose somehow managing to get on the stage and performing his Ron Browz-featured song ‘Get At Me‘ from his debut album Nacirema Dream (watch above). The audience and Twitter world were shocked, as was Hot 97’s Program Director Ebro. He immediately sensed that Kendrick’s team helped Pap get on the stage to perform since K. Dot finished his set 5 minutes before time and left the stage. After going back and forth with Pap on Twitter, the real background story has finally been revealed during the morning show on Hot 97.


Peter Rosenberg tells the story that he got on a phone call with Kendrick’s team a few days ago who told him that Papoose was going to get on the stage with Kendrick. Since Pap and his close friend DJ KaySlay looked out for K. Dot in the early days, this was a giving back gesture. Ebro respects it but warns others that this shouldn’t be repeated ever again. Watch the segment below.

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