50 Cent On Why ‘We Up’ Wasn’t A Hit; Says He’s In No Rush To Release SKI

Ever wondered why 50 Cent and Kendrick Lamar’s ‘We Up’ was such a good song and loved by many but still not a hit on the charts? It looks like the man himself is pretty confused too but believes it might have to do with over saturation of Rap music at that particular time.


Speaking with MTV, 50 also reinforces that he’s in no rush to release Street King Immortal as he doesn’t want to do it without a plan or when his label Interscope isn’t ready. Moreover, he wants the album to sounds just right.

  • mr.lino79

    LMMFAO…BCZ NOBODY LIKES YOU 50…U GARBAGE AND IRRELEVANT…U IN NO RUSH?? FKN LIAR…THN WHY RELEASE THOSE SONGS as singles in hopes one wud b a hit..not evn kendrick cud help u…yo 50..wensbthe last time u seen ANYONE rock gunit clothing?..or smelled tht colonge on anyone??or heard your shit played in radio?..lol..karma in full effect…..

  • cot damn

    lol at the haters. we up was very dope n he def unlucky that it wasnt a big hit

  • Name (Required)

    Kanye won lol

  • 50king

    kanye lost and WTF mr.lino79 talkng bout? 50 is still winning and still making money mor than ur fav rapper and hav mor hits than most artist out… its just that hiphop suck at the moment and the new cats eating, kanye west floppd big time, hes record sales declined by 80% 2nd week and jay z got lucky with the power he got, the rest of em nigas just makin music for todays youth, 50 will cater for the ganagsta nigas, he still hold a punch, my life was mor succesful than any kanye track on his album so shut the fuk up haters

  • Nasty

    50s music won’t have the impact it once did, he’ll never reach that level again or a level where his dominant. Its not a bad thing, he was a impact type of artist his buzz came from the situations surrounding his life at that moment, and that was in the music, at this point his business man. He was never an amazing artist anyway, his fan base won’t let him evolve into a Jay because they want that gangsta stuff

  • realspit

    Who buys music from some a-hole that would rip off his own twitter fans by telling them to buy penny stock, raising the value, then pulling out all of his money? He robbed his own fans of $8,000,000.00 because he can’t sell albums or his garbage clothing line. G-unit was unsuccessful and is now disbanded and 50 ain’t even a part of Shady 2.0. Even Eminem is putting distance between his rep and 50’s. Karma kickin’ the Shit out of a punk bitch who had weak rap skills from jump, and sold a made up story , knowing the truth would make him look like Shit. Jay-z got at this Nigga years ago. Most people who get shot, did some thing to get themselves shot. This Nigga’s got weak character to go with his weak made up story and weaker rhymes. Karma.

  • BabyJesus

    50king went full retard with his comments. Who gives a fuck about 50’s money, his music sucks. 50 Cent was never a great rapper. He was a gimmick. He also thrived in a era where beefin with every artist worked and now that more artist worked together, they don’t wanna fuck with 50 because he dissed or tried to diss them.

  • Mr.Weichelt

    50 cent is the biggest boss around. Definition of a hustler. Goes from crack, rap, vitamin water, SK energy, Boxing, Commercials, Movies, Facebook, Twitter, Shoes, Clothing…if that isn’t a hustler you don’t know s%#t. AAAAW 50 ripped 8mil from his fans boo hoo…straight hustler….MOE/MOB!!!

  • Rob Base

    Clearly you all don’t understand 50 or the music business. 50 redefined rap music in a way that Jay Z didn’t, Diddy couldn’t and Kanye wouldn’t. 50 is not defined by rap music alone having made his mark as a true entrepreneur, actor, philanthropist, business owner and smart investor. People grow in life, 50 has grown and for those looking for the stick up kid with the ever present trash talk I am sorry to disappoint you in saying that character is no longer here. Respect 50, he changed the game whilst you were all looking the other way. His next single will be a banger, don’t worry about that.

  • Yea ok

    Nobody cares about this guy. He has no haters or fans. He is forgotten. I can’t think of any songs besides first album. What a wash.

  • O

    Ken doll suck my dick for a pennie

  • McBad

    It Is What It Is….

  • Jdm420_

    Hahaha 3 letter name caucasian boy…….
    E.s.t for lyfe stand with us in this movement or stand infront of us..50 came up on a road paved by eminem, eminem was in bad point of his life and was also loosing fans…fast…50 brought him back but was a flash in the pan.! Eminem is the only thing since pac n biggie to influence so many… Em’s career has spanned 3 decades n Isnt over. Having said that the only rapper you need ur 15’s to bumpin is mgk thats right machine gun muthafukkin kels ya hear!! And of course myself!! Fuck the haters then fuck their girls then 420 n a fuck you

  • chicken heads r hatin on fiddy,music evolve s#*kers.fiddy stil relevant,album sales hv declined cos of new technologies but fif stil relevant!!!!!

  • ya’l all talkin shit 50Cent is the king of gangster hip hop

  • Vera

    I think confusd Niggas are just jealous of 50 Cent’s success nd UP GAME, cos they weren’t smart enough to ask him hw he do it-WHO GOD BLESS NO MAN CAN CURSE…YEP UP 50 CENT!!!

  • Chick