50 Cent Speaks On ‘SKI’ Delay, July 5th Boxing Event & Upcoming TV Shows

50 Cent and the host of his upcoming birthday bash after party Tatted Up Holly stopped by Hartford’s Hot 93.7 to promote the boxing event. During the interview, 50 spoke on the fights that will take place on July 5th, why he chose Connecticut as the place for the SMS Promotions event and more.


50 also touched on the most important subject — the delay behind his 5th album Street King Immortal. He says he’s taking his time with it because there are various staff changes taking place at Interscope and he doesn’t want to become the ‘guinea pig” in the situation. Jenny Boom Boom also asked Fif if he would like to go for a rollout similar to what Kanye did for Yeezus. Lastly, he discussed his relationship with Chief Keef and his upcoming TV shows which include Power on Starz, animated show on FOX based on his Playground book, and also a G-Unit reality show on VH1.

  • Rick

    damn son, we want that album!!

  • risrob

    if he uses that staff excuse one more time! lol

  • shady

    thats nota excuse tho.. Joie “I.E.” Manda was names head of urban just a month ago.. its true.. there are changes taking place & thats a huge one

  • Say Word

    hahahaha the “staffing” excuse huh…funny how that hasn’t hampered the release of endless other albums being put out by Interscope in the 3 years 50 has been scrambling desperately trying to garner enough buzz for a release date…the album isn’t coming out because the singles keep flopping and the label and him are both scared the album will too…we aren’t idiots…well most people are…there are the pitiful stans that will eat up any excuse that 50 craps out