Producer J-Roc Says Full Version Of ‘Versus’ May Appear On Jay-Z’s Next Album

j roc

Fort Worth, Texas-based producer J-Roc has worked closely with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake for the past few years and his latest accomplishment is landing numerous credits on Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail (peep full credits here). The producer was also a part of making of the short ‘Versus’ on the album and according to him, we might get to hear the full version of the song soon — on Jay’s next LP.


You played a part in “Versus” [from Magna Carta Holy Grail] as well, right?

Yeah yeah, just a little bit. Well, get the next album, you might hear it as a real song the next time. I’m givin’ a little hint: that’s what those [tracks] are, just little hints. He has so many great tracks, he couldn’t just put them all on there, so we were like, this is what we’ll do, we’ll just give them a little hint. So later when they hear it again, they’ll be like, “Oh shit, this is what it’s supposed to be,” you know what I mean? So he’s a clever guy.

Read his full interview with XXL here.

Mike WiLL Made It talked about full version of ‘Beach Is Better’ coming out soon as well so maybe we will get another Hov album sooner than expected?

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