[Saturday Spotlight] Mixtape: Incomparable Shakespeare – ‘Invincible Dream’

Following a short hiatus, we have decided to bring Saturday Spotlight back today but unlike earlier times, it will not be a weekly feature but will be live 2-3 Saturdays every month. Today, we kick if off with Franklin Rossman aka The Incomparable Shakespeare’s new mixtape Invincible Dream. We featured the rapper back in July but it’s only right that we throw light on his full project which is available now.


Sidebar: Our Saturday Spotlight submissions email has changed so kindly make note of that here.

shakespeare invincible dream

Brooklyn emcee Incomparable Shakespeare has partnered with Sway as the host to his latest mixtape Invincible Dream. It is an actual mixtape in the true sense, meaning mixed by a DJ where he’s mostly remixing and freestyling over classic instrumentals. You can stream or download the project below.

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