Elliott Wilson & B.Dot On Juan Epstein

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RapRadar’s Elliott Wilson and B.Dot visited Hot 97 offices to appear on Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds’ popular podcast Juan Epstein. The conversation kicked off with Peter and B.Dot expressing their displeasure for each other but all in good taste.


It was all calm till the station’s Program Director Ebro entered the room. B.Dot has always been very vocal about NY DJs and radio stations not supporting their local acts to the best of their ability. The argument got quite heated when B.Dot hinted that stations like Hot 97 indulge in payola to push songs from certain artists on the radio. Ebro didn’t take it in a light mannner and literally screamed his way through. Thankfully, the other gentlemen did a good job in making peace and ended the podcast with a healthy discussion about  how influential people can play their part in pushing NY rap, J. Dilla’s influence in the game and the artists that are making noise in the local scene currently.

UPDATE: Added the video footage. Now we can see what B.Dot was talking about.

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