Jay-Z Buys 100 Copies of Nipsey Hussle’s $100 CD ‘Crenshaw’

nipsey copies

Nipsey Hussle has been in the news for selling a copy of his latest mixtape Crenshaw for $100. The project was released for free online on the same day but the CD comes in a special package with autograph and concert ticket. Only 1000 copies were pressed.


Die hard fans of Nipsey lined up yesterday at the pop-up show on North Fairfax Ave in L.A. to purchase the physical copy of the tape. 100 of those copies were purchased by none other than Jay-Z who is obviously impressed by Nip’s Proud To Pay campaign. The rumor of Hov dropping that huge amount of money spread when Nipsey shared a photo on his Instagram of a receipt with the Customer Name listed as “S Carter Enterprises” (photo after the break). It has now been confirmed by Life+Times that Hov was in fact the one who dropped $10,000 to support the young MC.

UPDATE: Nipsey talks Hov buying 100 copies with MTV.

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