50 Cent Reveals His Favorite Eminem Album, Song & Moment


In celebration of release of Eminem’s new album Marshall Mathers LP2 which landed on #1 on Billboard and helped all 7 of his other albums also to enter the chart, Complex spoke to 50 Cent about his business partner, mentor and friend. He revealed his favorite Eminem song, album and moment.


It was disappointing that 50 didn’t make an appearance on MMLP2, though he had talked about recording new music with him earlier this year. But fans can look forward to at least one Eminem collaboration (titled ‘Champion’) on 50’s forthcoming album Street King Immortal.

Favorite Song: I’m A Soldier – Loved the march cadence. The song was hard with the intensity of it. He was able to talk about things in the song without really taking you to a dark place.

Favorite Album: Marshal Mathers LP – That shit sold like crazy! Great album.

Favorite Moment: The 2000 MTV Awards show when Em came out with all the Slim Shadys.

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