Eminem’s Hilarious & Revealing Q&A With Fans On Facebook

eminem facebook

Eminem is one of the most “liked” artists on Facebook but he has repeatedly admitted in interviews and on songs that social media isn’t really for him. But a few days ago, the Rap God participated in a Q&A with fans on Facebook with plenty of serious and non-serious coming his way. Em of course had equally interesting responses to all the queries.


Among other things, Em shared his thoughts on some of the newer artists in the game. One fan asked, “What do you think of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and their style?” Eminem replied “i think they made a great album.”

Some of the questions weren’t exactly safe for work with one fan quizzing Em “Favorite spot to masturbate outside of home?” and him responding with “mcdonald’s bathroom

Check out some of the selections from the Q&A below. MMLP2 is in stores now.

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em qa 2

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