Kanye West To Debut ‘Bound 2’ Video On The Ellen Show On Tuesday

kanye charlie

Everybody’s wish is about to come true. Arguably the best track on Yeezus, ‘Bound 2’ is getting the music video treatment and Kanye is bringing it first to The Ellen Show on Tuesday, November 19th.


Kanye will premiere the video for the Charlie Wilson-featured single on the show which will be followed by broadcast on Ellen’s website EllenTV.com for the rest of the day. Interestingly, the website also mentions that the visual “may or may not feature his stunning and curvalicious fiancée Kim Kardashian”.

We are hoping for the former.

UPDATE: US Weekly has confirmed that Kim Kardashian will in fact star in the Nick Knight-directed video. Their insider also has this account:

“Kim looks beyond gorgeous. It’s very artsy, very beautiful. The imagery is very colorful and light. Nothing about it feels pop or urban. She looks incredible.”

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